Newest Projects

J4yDiZz1e & AJ Bray ~ DiZz1e Bray

After collaborating on J4yDiZz1e's previewed song "Chrome", AJ Bray and J4yDiZz1e made "DiZz1e Bray" which branched off into it's own 3 Track EP giving us, not only "Chrome", but tracks, "YSL" and "FeelYaPain". The caption of this EP is as stated:

 DiZz1e Bray ~
3 Tracks, All Fye
2 Niggas, 3 Beats
Young Flexer, College Graduate
Gameboy Papi, The Black Rico Suave 

Nemy Rose ~ Nemy's World

After temporarily canceling the project known as "Purple World", Nemy Rose releases some of the cut out songs from the Album as an EP 

for all to enjoy on Apple Music, Google Play and Spotify. This EP includes "Truckload" or "Attack" featuring J4yDiZz1e & NizzMey, and 

"Neverland" or "Help" featuring Daedakidd and Yung Fyn".

J4yDiZz1e ~ Gameboy

 J4yDiZz1e's "Gameboy" takes on the stunting and flexing life of Jay's career. As J4yDiZz1e takes on the nickname "Gameboy Papi"
acquired through him giving a name to former known Joe T4ylor Photographer, "Blowclip". "Gameboy" features a variety of J4yDiZz1e turn up essentials such as the beginning track "Gameboy Papi", "Track Star" featuring $us Valentino, and his most popular track from the tape "Shine" formerly known as "Start Button" to the fans. 

The T4ylor Awards

The Annual Joe T4ylor Awards Event is back!

Back in December 2016, we created small polls for our fans to vote on which artist / producer did the most that year, what song did they like the best from that year, ETC. We took that and turned it into what we know today as "The T4ylor Awards"! As the Joe T4ylor brand name grows bigger and bigger every day, We now have bigger polls and bigger award nominees!

The Categories

This year's award categories are the following once the awards are over and voted for, the winners names will be filled in:

Artist of the Year:

Producer of the Year:

Collaboration of the Year:

Freshman of the Year:

Song of the Year: 


Project of the Year:

The Prizes

This year's prizes range from Free Merchandise, Items, or

just plain cash in general!

• J4yDiZz1e

• Nemy Rose

• J4yDiZz1e x Windsor - Shine

• $ega@tari

• J4yDiZz1e - Ferrari Death Trap

• J4yDiZz1e Gameboy

Updates for January

Website Update

Version 1.1 We are finally out of Alpha and into Beta! Thanks for the journey! 

In this version: New Music, Chart Update, and Artist and Staff update!

DiZz1e Bray out now!

The newest Collab EP from J4yDiZz1e and A.J Bray is finally out! (Look to main page)

J4yDiZz1e in California

J4yDiZz1e will be performing soon! All you people out in California, be prepared for Gameboy Papi to hit the scene of LA.


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