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J4yDiZz1e ~ Keep It Undercover!

After the instant and much needed success from "Victorious Days!", J4yDiZz1e and Nemy Rose spark back up for the second and final installment of TV series related songs. Using the signature KC Undercover whistle, J4yDiZz1e compliments one of his favorite television shows by giving it the best of flows and delivery he could. #LongLiveTheCoopers 

J4yDiZz1e ~ BEAUTY

Progressing through the days of February and then on to March, J4yDiZz1e hits us with 4 (5 if counting "Just For Show") fresh new songs that build up this EP. 

The Caption for this project is, "Beauty and Emotion". 

J4yDiZz1e & AJ Bray ~ DiZz1e Bray

After collaborating on J4yDiZz1e's previewed song "Chrome", AJ Bray and J4yDiZz1e made "DiZz1e Bray" which branched off into it's own 3 Track EP giving us, not only "Chrome", but tracks, "YSL" and "FeelYaPain". The caption of this EP is as stated:

 DiZz1e Bray ~
3 Tracks, All Fye
2 Niggas, 3 Beats
Young Flexer, College Graduate
Gameboy Papi, The Black Rico Suave 

Updates for March

Website Update

Version 1.5.

New music, new artist pictures, and April Charts being calculated

Keep it Undercover finally drops!

The wait is over. J4yDiZz1e  and Nemy Rose have finally dropped one of their biggest songs yet, "Keep It Undercover".

Nemy Rose new website!

Nemy Rose has now launched his solo website, !


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