Joe T4ylor Freshmen 2017 - 18


$ega@tari, formerly known as "Wyatt Lloyd, has made many, many songs before his break out feature on Deadbruh's song "Whip" came around. After main growth from the song, $ega got a feature from Joe T4ylor artist "J4yDiZz1e" named "Stick" on September 8th 2017, where soon after, $ega signed to Joe T4ylor Records on September 9th 2017. 

- Stick

- Whip

AJ Klean

 AJ Klean made his first song entitled "Who Knows" on July 27th 2017, and since then has gained a small following on Soundcloud. He officially signed to Joe T4ylor on August 1st 2017, and later dropped his growing song featuring J4yDiZz1e "Still Standing".

- Who Knows

- Still Standing


Kvng J4y landed on the soundcloud scene with his first kick-off song "Pain and Struggle" produced by Joe T4ylor Records producer, "Nemy Rose" on August 12th. As "Pain and Struggle" grew, Kvng J4y got recognized by J4yDiZz1e and signed to Joe T4ylor as a new edition artist on August 13th 2017.

- Pain and Struggle

- Ballin'

(Ayo) Windsor

Windsor (Aka Windsor Beats) had made instrumentals before uploading his first hand full of original beats. Once up and running, Windsor had got in contact with J4yDiZz1e and then discussed his contract. After he had went on to produce a song on J4yDiZz1e's mixtape, "Gameboy" which flew to number 1 on the tape.

- Think it Could Last

- Louis V

Ca$hboy CJ

Ca$hboy CJ (formally known as "ASAP Local") started his career off with help from J4yDiZz1e and xDine'ro in his first song, "Sauce". Many people had liked the track and gave good word that CJ should be signed to Joe T4ylor Records.

On January 29th CJ was finally added to the roster for his birthday.

- Sauce

- Fatality


1Up (aka Tony Montana to J4yDiZz1e) released his song "Intro" which seem to shoot up pretty fast. 1Up had hit J4yDiZz1e and showed his talents and soon the two discussed his 1 year contract.

- Intro

Main Artists


J4yDiZz1e started uploading his music to Soundcloud back in late 2015. As he grew, he created the independent label we know of today as Joe T4ylor Records©. 

Nemy Rose

Nemy Rose hit Soundcloud Early 2016 with his own style of beats. Nemy had then linked up with J4yDiZz1e and became, not only his main Producer, but the Co-Owner of 

Joe T4ylor Records©.

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