J4yDiZz1e - Fye Fye!

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$ega@tari - Stick ft. J4yDiZz1e

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Nemy Rose - nemyrosesoldout side a

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Top 6 of the week

1. KvngJ4y ~ Glowing ft. J4yDiZz1e (Prod. Icekrim)

Oh shit! They just did it again!

2. J4yDiZz1e ~ ALLTHATFREESMOKE! (Prod. Sauron)

all that free smoke gone get you killed one day...

3. NizzMey ~ Wow (Prod. Cjd)

Out of jail and on the charts!

4. $ega@tari ~ Get Up! (Prod. C Freshco)

I was down bad had to get up.

5. J4yDiZz1e ~ Vuitton! (Prod. Ok Boi)

Funny she left me in Louis Vuitton.

6. J4yDiZz1e ~ 30! (Prod. Snoozed)

I keep a stick on the 30 I'm hot!

Best of the artists

Best of Nemy Rose

1. "5"

2. "Life and luv suckkkk"

3. "Star Crossed (remix)"

4. "Again ft. J4yDiZz1e & More"

5. "Nemyrosesoldout side a"

Best of $ega@tari

1. "Heather" 

2. "It Get Cold at Night"

3. "Stick ft. J4yDiZz1e"

4. "Down Bad"

5. "I Can't Hang" 

Best of NizzMey

1. "Exten-do! ft. J4yDiZz1e"

2. "Wow"

3. "Pass Time ft. J4yDiZz1e"

4. "High Up ft. J4yDiZz1e & RaiThaGe"

Best of KvngJ4y

1. "Ballin' ft. J4yDiZz1e & AJ Klean"

2. "The Pain and Struggle"

3. "No Hook ft. Krazy Jame$" 

4. "Who Run It (Remix)"

Best of Windsor

1. "Devil of Style (Lil Uzi Vert Type Beat)"

2. Think it Could Last ft. J4yDiZz1e & More"

3. "Wake Up (Migos Type Beat)"

4. "Where Are You (JuiceWrld Type Beat)"

Best of RaiThaGe

1. "Gabby"

2. "Spend It ft. NizzMey"

3. "Pimpin a lot"

4. "Diamonds ft. J4yDiZz1e"

5. "Fucked on Her"