J4yDiZz1e was born "Javion Lawrence" on September 24th, 2001

 in Springfield Illinois. He moved to Carrollton Texas with his Mother at the age of 2 years old, in search of better opportunities and living. Growing up, he listened to a lot of Rap music including people such as "Lil Wayne", "Drake", and anyone his Mom would play in the car. He also started playing Guitar at 10 which would lead him to make his own music and upload them to YouTube. As he further got older he started rapping as a stress reliever and made his first track entitled 

"That One Time" which was his first ever upload to SoundCloud. This started off slow but after every upload, more and more fans started arising. By Summer 2016 he realized he was too far to stop now and released his first mixtape "The Proj3ct". Today the young artist has racked up to 200,000 Plays on SoundCloud and many fans around the globe.

The J4yDiZz1e Soundcloud Playlist

Here is a playlist of the best singles, features, and projects J4yDiZz1e has been on.